Romanian driver's license for foreigners


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How to get romanian driving licence

Welcome to authentic document suppliers where you can buy Romanian drivers licenses which is legally registered. Nevertheless, the majority of our customers in Bucharest have always purchased an authentic Romanian driver’s license. However, for individuals who purchase a genuine Romanian driver’s license, the procedure takes a little longer. similarly, this is we must register the Romanian driver’s license information with the Romanian government’s transportation system. The best Guarantee we give is that you are able to verify your drivers license online in the Romania government website before you even pay the balance.

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romanian driving licence for foreigners

Online purchasing of a Romanian driver’s license is a straightforward and direct procedure. This procedure is rather straightforward, particularly considering that there are essentially no prerequisites for purchasing a Romanian driver’s license online. You may get a Romanian driver’s license without completing the written or driving exam. In addition, you may get a genuine Romanian driver’s license from us even if your license has been suspended. In such situations, we cover the cost of database modification for your records. You may rely on us to give you with a Romanian driver’s license regardless of the circumstances. 


We are the perfect provider to purchase a suspended Romanian driver’s license from if you have a suspended license. Since our representatives in the Romanian transport system know precisely what to do when you get a new Romanian driver’s license from us, this is the case. In the event of suspension, our representatives in the Romanian transport system will need to update your records and remove any penalties against your name before issuing you a new license with a new serial number. You can read more on driving rules in Romania.

The importance of a Romanian driver’s license is often not understood until it has been suspended. Suspending your driver’s license makes life more difficult. You will be unable to operate a motor vehicle. However, it gets challenging when you have a family and must transport your children home from school.

 Since it is a very crucial document that decides how your actions will be redone. Yet, we are here to offer you another opportunity. When your license is suspended, you must contact us to get a replacement. We update your database information and get a new driver’s license for you. The new driver’s license has a clean record, thus it is not subject to any penalties.


You can trust us to sell you a Romanian category B driver’s license. Most of our customers who buy the Romanian driving card B do so because other happy customers told them about us. We sell real Romanian driver’s licenses at prices that are fair. Still, the price of the Romanian driver’s license depends on how much the original Romanian driver’s license cost to register. No matter what, you can count on us to offer the best prices for Romanian driver’s licenses.romania driving licence test

       When you buy a Romanian driver’s license from us, you can choose the type of license you want, which is another important part of our service. We are the best at giving out Romanian driver’s licenses. Also, we get orders for Romanian driver’s licenses all the time. Each month, about 40 people buy category B Romanian driver’s licenses from us, but not any other type of Romanian driver’s license. When you buy a Romanian driver’s license from us, we make sure that your dive license gets sent to the address you give us